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Food Service Auditing

Our expert trainers and auditors will work with your staff to ensure your restaurant regularly meets leading food safety standards based off of the US FDA and State of California Food Codes. Our standards meet or exceed local health requirements to ensure that local government inspections are successfully passed. Do you need to increase performance and safety while also boosting the morale of your staff? We take food service operations to new heights while decreasing risks and increasing customer confidence and satisfaction. 

Food Safety Training

Your staff will be trained and your operation will be audited using standards based off of the U.S. FDA and State of California Food Codes. Our expert trainers and auditors will increase staff morale and reduce overall risk of issues negatively affecting your brand in the marketplace.

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Gluten Free Certifications

The food industry is full of rubber stamp certifications which involve little more than visiting a restaurant once a year, or less, and filling out paperwork. We provide regular, often monthly, employee training and auditing procedures to ensure your business is doing everything possible to reduce financial and legal risks.

Internal Auditing for

Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

Internal auditing and training programs may not be as effective and meaningful as having these vital functions conducted by an outside group. Cocina Verify provides supermarkets and grocery stores valuable services in order to maintain food quality, customer service, and ensuring products enter and leave the store in a safe condition.


Businesses can’t afford to face public, high profile lawsuits or damaging press regarding food safety failures within their operations. The food safety culture is growing in Latin America and now is the time to take control and safeguard your business for the future.


HACCP & Food Safety Master Plans

Should your operation incorporate HACCP plans? Do you need a Food Safety Master Plan written to place food safety at the forefront of your operational priorities? Cocina Verify is your one stop shop for all of your food safety needs. Contact us to experience our expertise and top notch customer service.