Gluten Free Certifications

The purpose of the Cocina Verify gluten free certification is to showcase products and food service providers that meet valid, transparent, and regularly verified inspection and testing standards.

About the Asociación Pro Personas con la Enfermedad Celiaca (APPCEL)*
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Costa Rica’s Gluten Free Certification created by APPCEL and Cocina Verify leads the way for food manufacturers and food service providers throughout Latin America that require the strongest gluten free assurances possible. 

Association Pro Personas con la Enfermedad Celiacs (APPCEL) was the first organization in Costa Rica working for greater awareness of gluten free issues for the Celiac community. They have worked tirelessly for over twelve years for recognition and validation of gluten free standards in Costa Rica.


Along with Cocina Verify, they have created one of the strongest gluten free certification programs in the world. Products and food service providers that earn the APPCEL seal have achieved the highest of gluten free standards and are monitored for compliance on a regular basis.

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2019 | We are currently in the process of certifying food manufacturers, restaurants and hotels in Costa Rica and beyond. Businesses that receive the certification from the Costa Rican Celiac Association (APPCEL)* will be listed here. 


Variety of fresh and healthy products to improve the quality of life of those who, because of their health, want to eat correctly, meeting their expectations of quality, taste, confidence and nutrition.


Lubnan's gluten free pre-packaged products now available at AutoMercado.

  • Hummus

  • Labne

  • Garlic Paste


Posada de la Luna is an authentic Costa Rican food restaurant located in Cervantes, Cartago. We have certified their cheese tortillas to be gluten friendly.