The One Standard for Food Safety.

Cocina Verify® works throughout the United States and Latin America to elevate food service providers, food manufacturers, supermarkets and grocery stores to exceed customer expectations by achieving the ultimate in food safety, hospitality, and gluten free certifications.

  • Food service, food manufacturing, supermarket and grocery stores must view food safety as a major priority. Businesses in these sectors can’t afford to face public, high profile lawsuits or damaging press regarding food safety failures within their operations. The food safety culture is growing in Latin America and now is the time to safeguard your business.

    Risks and Liabilities Continue to Rise

  • The food industry is full of rubber stamp certifications which involve little more than visiting a restaurant once a year, or less, and filling out paperwork. On the contrary, Cocina Verify provides regular, often monthly, employee training and auditing procedures to ensure your business is doing everything possible to reduce financial and legal risks.

    Regular Training

    and Audits

  • Through using The One Standard for Food Safety created by Cocina Verify, your staff will be trained and your operation will be audited using standards based off of the U.S. FDA and State of California Food Codes. Our expert trainers and auditors will increase staff morale and reduce overall risk of issues negatively affecting your brand in the marketplace.

    Cocina Verify:

    Your Total Solution

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